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The app is maintained to be compatible with the latest iOS and Android operating systems to ensure the app functions as intended and to avoid any compatibility issues.

OS version

The app requires that the operating system version is at the minimum, version 3.0 for Android OS and version 8 for iOS.

Target Audience

The App facilitate reporting of ADRs by the public and healthcare practitioners to the Regulatory Authority.


About the Medsafety App

Med Safety App is a mobile application developed to engage both patients and healthcare providers on medicines safety issues. The app is designed to simplify and promote the reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs), including adverse events following immunisation (AEFIs) by both the public and healthcare providers. The App also allows the public and healthcare providers to learn about medicine safety news from SAHPRA, thereby creating an awareness of medicines; their potential adverse effects and pharmacovigilance.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a healthcare professional, you should ask your patients if they have experienced any side effects; and if they have, then use your App to report them. You should advise patients on what action to take and/or refer them to a specialist or a hospital for additional help and information.

The information is sent from your phone, through the “App” to your national centre for pharmocovigilance, where reports are assessed for potential risk and measures are put in place to minimise the identified risk. Your reports can prevent harm.

Any member of the public is able to report any cases of adverse drug reactions or incidents

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You can play a vital role in making a positive difference and contribute in the safe use of medicines in South Africa and worldwile.


How does it work?

Medsafety app provides a two-way risk communication between the Authority and the reporters. A reporter (either a healthcare provider or a patient) captures an adverse reactions experienced during the use of a medicine(s) and submit it to the Authority via the app.

The app allows the Authority to provide feedback to reporters with regards to the submitted reports in the form of acknowledgement of the report and medicine safety information and news.

Onece you've downloaded the app, please select South Africa as your country of choice. You will then be redirected to the login page where you should see the SAHPRA logo.

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The app can be downloaded into a mobile phone through google Play or App store. It should read “Med Safety” Web-RADR. If you're browsing on a desktop pc, please click the button titled "Scan QR code" and scan the qr code on with your mobile device.